Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Cyber Window Shopping

Edge Baking Pan (Sky Mall, Think Geek & Fredflare) From $35-45.
Who doesn't like eating the crusty sides of the brownie?!? This is ingenious! :P

Sushi Pillows, Think Geek - $44.99-59.99
I ♥ sushi! and i like throw pillows! Even better when put together!
My favorite is the Ikura/Salmon Roe since I love eating those! :)

Original Sega Dreamcast Console, - $14.99-$99.99
Bringing it back old skool! The system was great for it's time.

Write-on glassware, Fredflare - $16
Great for the coffee drinkers that is a schedules/lists type! Like me! lol

Electronic USB Travel Mug, SkyMall - $19.99
I am always by my laptop and I love drinking coffee all hours of the day. My only problem is it gets cold before I finish my coffee.
This is great for offices and studying! I am definitely getting this!

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