Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Happy Anniversary My Love!

May 26, 1999 is when my significant and I become official. Everything was not smiles and laughter though, but we worked hard in our relationship to make it through the bad and conflicting times. Carlos is working very hard to support us while I'm finishing nursing school and not working. Budget may be tight, but the important factor is we're happy. This year we celebrated our anniversary small and casual.

First, we ate dinner @ Amazon Grill on 5114 Kirby Drive, Houston, Texas. I highly recommend everybody to dine-in when you get the opportunity. Their food are delicious and the prices are also affordable!

I love these sauces! It is very flavorful! I can't get enough of it and I use it to dip many of my foods! I gotta learn how to make these so that I can eat this at home. When I do learn, I'll be sure to let you guys in on the "how-to"!

This is the appetizer that you dip the sauces in. I like the crispiness of the thin banana slices.

Another type of banana dish. I love bananas and these are so delicious too! It's warm, soft and sweet! (These were ordered for $2 extra)

This dish is called Puntas and it is $13. It is tender grilled beef with rice, salad and bananas. (Sorry I don't know the exact names on each side dish.) The Puntas comes with either a jalapeño or spicy black bean sauce. The jalapeño sauce is pictured below, but we ordered it on the side or they will pour it ontop of your beef. I didn't use the jalapeño sauce because I used the green sauces pictured above with my beef. :P

Finally dessert! I had a tres leches! Mmmmm, creamy, cold and sweet. I enjoyed every bite I took! :D If your group is big and everybody agrees on tres leches for dessert, I suggest you purchase a whole one (versus the single serve). You will save since the whole tres leches serves 6-8 for $20 while the single serve is $5.

After Amazon, we went our so called "hole-in-the-wall" to have a drink and engage in good conversation. I recommend their pizzas. It's delicious there!

Then, we went to Dave & Busters because I got coupons in my email for a Free Appetizer with a food or drink purchase, plus another coupon for a $10 credit for game play! :) To make the situation even better, it was happy hour and we got our drinks for 1/2 price! :D We only spent about $8 (+ $5 tip) for the whole night! (That's 2 drinks, spinach dip appetizer & $10 game play) If you want deals emailed to you, sign up for Dave and Busters Rewards. I'm trying for 1,200 game plays on my Rewards card so that I can get 10% off my game plays for life! I know I would have been Gold status by now if I kept up with one card and charged all my game plays on that one. :I

I like playing games that dispenses tickets. The games I play the most are these token-toss /drop types. :P I am such a suker! Look how deceiving it is... It practically looks like it's going to fall of the edge!

Have you already signed up for your Studio Move Grill Houston Newsletter (City Centre Location)? I received this special screening for the movie Lovely By Surprise in my email.

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