Friday, May 8, 2009

Kenzo Sushi Bistro

Attended a taste testing @ Kenzo Sushi Bistro, 23501 Cinco Ranch Blvd, Suite R140, Katy, Texas 77494, yesterday. The atmosphere and place is modern and stylish.

Veggie EggrollThe Veggie Eggroll was delicious. I had no complaints that this eggroll did not have any meat. It actually made me forget with all the flavors in it!

Spicy Mix Fish Tartare
Light and fresh appetizer to begin. It has a play with textures from the fish and the crispiness of the chip.

Note: The photos that I have taken above do not justify the foods.

I also tried their Seven Spice Calamari and Spiced Rub Steak (not photographed). Their Seven Spice Calamari was great, especially accompanied with the green sauce! (I'm sorry I do not remember the green sauce's name). Their Spiced Rub Steak was tender and flavorful!

Visit their photo gallery.

p.s. I love their bathroom sink! :)

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