Friday, June 5, 2009

My Sweet Sweet Boyfriend

My boyfriend snuck out of work this morning to drop off breakfast from McDonald's and half a dozen roses to me! He's such a sweetie - and a hard-worker too! :)

Guess what his reason was? -No reason. When you feel the need to act out in kindness, every time is a good time. And thoughtfulness (and creativity) does not have to saved for special dates or holidays. Even though we might not put emphasis on the little things (or forget), the little things do count. (Cliche moment) That's how to keep relationships fresh. Even though comfortable, do not slouch on your efforts in the relationship.

On another note, I love photography and hopefully after school I can dive deeper into my hobby. Eventually, I would want to invest in a SLR camera (from Canon! I'm a huge fan, hehehe) after I graduate nursing school. In the meantime I have a Canon PowerShot SD770 IS. I am very satisfied with my camera for all it's capabilities. It has so much to offer, but we just have to know how to use them. When I'm not pressed for time to point-and-shoot pictures, I do try to play with settings! :)

*Note you can click the images to view englarged.

This shooting mode was the Color Accent. "Choose to retain a single color in your image while other colors turn monochrome."

This shot was taken under the settings AWB: Fluorescent.

This shot was taken under the setting My colors: Vivid Red.

Below are my Digital Macro shots. "Shoot larger-than-life close-ups with one-button simplicity."

I previously posted about buying a waterproof camera from Olympus because it would have been cheaper to go about versus buying the waterproof case for my camera, but now it's a different story because it's on sale! :) From $240 (mind you, I bought my camera for approximately $200) to $99! A $140 savings! Now I wish I had extra money laying around to spend on that!

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