Friday, June 19, 2009

Vans Custom Shoe Experience

Wow! Not until I read A Moxie Mom's post, did I know you can fully customize Vans shoes!!! I usually stop by the nearest mall and buy a pair with the design I like that they have in stock. For the same prize and having it made how you like it - I'd rather opt for that! :D I love Vans shoes because they are so comfortable and so easy to put-on (and take-off)! Here is my customized Vans that I came up with. (I choose these colors because white is hard to keep white :P hehehe)

P.s. A Moxie Mom is having a Van's Custom Shoe Giveaway, ends 6/26 @ 12AM.

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Savvy Mode SG said...

that is kinda cool. have a fab friday.

Mrs.Zeus said...

YUP, you can!!! Its very KEWL!

Thanks for dropping at

treds said...

I like vans blog and would like to comment on also, if you allow me then I can add some information that Vans began manufacturing footwear overseas in 1994, allowing for development of new shoe styles.

vans shoes lover

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