Sunday, June 20, 2010

Kranich's Jewelers Everlon Contest

1. From the Kranich’s Jewelers Facebook, Click "Suggest to Friends".
2. Choose all of your friends who would be interested in becoming a Kranich’s Jewelers Fan.
3. Send the invitation with a message directing them to our Friend Referral Contest details located on our Discussion Board.
4. Post my name as your referral on Kranich’s Jewelers Wall (For example, “katrina v referred me”).

The Kranich’s Jewelers fan who has the most fan referrals a the end of each week will receive their choice of either the 1/6 Carat Sterling Silver Everlon Ring or the 1/6 Carat Sterling Silver Everlon Pendant.

Winners will be selected on Fridays and notified via facebook.

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