Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Add PlayStation®Move to Your Family Game Night

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of PlayStation MOVE. All opinions are 100% mine.

I wish I found a magic lamp with a genie in it so I could wish for a PlayStation® Move! With the PlayStation® Move, my family will have more fun while getting the heart pumping. Our family game nights won't be about sitting still anymore, but more like working out instead. There is always sibling rivalries between my siblings and I, and this is a good outlet to challenge them and show off  who has the best gaming skills. The PlayStation® Move is also great for entertaining guests, parties and challenging friends/other players over the internet. A girl can always wish, but I know I won't find a magic lamp, so The PlayStation® Move bundle package is only $99 to bring the fun motion gaming to my existing PlayStation® 3.

When I looked up the available games to play with the PlayStation® Move, there are so many to choose from! Here are a couple of my favorites:

Sports Champions: Great for the competitive, sporty, athletic fans. It's a good game to play to get the blood and body moving. There are 6 sport games, 10 athletes, 3 gameplay modes and modern/medieval to choose from.

Dance Dance Revolution: For the dancers and party-goers, this game has the latest hits to dance and play to. I remember going to the arcades (and friends' homes) just to play the earlier versions of this game. Unlike the older versions, Playstation® Move will integrate the hand motions in addition to the footwork.

Little Big Planet 2: After playing the critically acclaimed Little Big Planet, the fun must continue by playing Little Big Planet 2! I had the cutest Sackboygirl with so many outfits to choose from. Even after I finished the game, there was still so much to do because there are more than 3 million levels created by users to play. The good news is, the levels are going to carry-over to Little Big Planet 2.

Time Crisis: Razing Storm: I am not the best at shooting games, but I sure love to play them. I always play the latest Time Crisis (with my boyfriend as my sidekick, hehehe) when I am at the arcades. My downfall though is I use a lot of credit, but barely beat the levels :( At least with Time Crisis: Razing Storm, I can play at the comfort of my own home and practice my shooting skills without spending credits :)

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