Friday, February 20, 2009

President's Day

The Houston Zoo was free on President's Day, so my BF and I took advantage of the opportunity! Little did we know the zoo's parking lot was a zoo all on it's own! It probably took about 15-20 minutes to find parking, I-kid-you-not! It also didn't help that my BF wasn't experienced with hawking people that were leaving to get their spot; a lesson you also learn attending crowded universities/colleges. The weather was beautiful, so most of the animals were visible and lazy/sleeping! hahaha. Overall, it was great; I got to practice on my photography, spend quality time with my BF and let the inner child in me pig-out with cotton candy and popcorn!

My Valentine's was quiet and good. The weather was a little gloomy, but we stayed home for most of the day with the exception of having an appetizer and a few drinks @ Two Rows in the late evening. I did get to stock up on chocolate the day after valentines for half the price! mwahahahaha! :D

I also saw this @ HEB and found this wine humorous!

I tagged along with my cousin to PetSmart this past Wednesday, as she purchased her calico pet goldfish :) His name is Rex. Her getting a fish made me want to purchase an aquarium and raise schools of fish myself.

These goldfishes cracks me up! I'd probably purchase them cause they put a smile on my face :) Now that's what you call a puffy face or bag under your eyes - literally! lol

My BF said this snail reminds him of a military helmet, hehehe.

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