Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Feeling Sentimental...

It was like a double-whammy today.

I get a phone call from a gentleman this morning regarding availability to pick-up the RX-7. Carlos has decided to sell it because it benefits us in the future and with what he'd like to do with the car is too costly.

So, as I opened the apartment door to remove all of his belongings in the car, a letter wedged between the door falls onto the floor. It was a Lease Renewal Offer from the apartment complex. Carlos and I have already decided that we aren't renewing our contract and that we were moving out with a good friend of ours closer into town.

Two major changes coming up... and I'm feeling a bit attached. I loved my bf's car cause it was a fun and pleasurable car to drive. It was a proud moment for us when he was able to obtain his dream car that he always wanted since he was a teenager. I loved the apartment because I've called it home for the past 1/2 year and had many memories here. It was our first time really living away from our parents.

...but change always happen and it's inevitable.

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