Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Jimmy Choo and H&M Collabo!

Just saw a tweet from Teen Vogue about this collaboration. I really like the idea! I'm a big fan of high-heel, stiletto shoooeeessss :D Now my only problem is I wish they have H&M stores here in Houston, Texas! Or at least one somewhere in Texas, where I can make special trips just to shop there. Orrrr if not that, please enable online shopping for your site. I find it odd for a company not to utilize e-marketing. It's another source of sales!

The shoes and handbags line from Jimmy Choo will be in H&M stores November 14.

Source - Teen Vogue

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Angela said...

You WON the can of pledge multi purpose! Yeah! Just email me your address and I will pass it on to the sponsor. They did say it may take a few weeks to get because this was such a huge promotion.

Thanks so much and visit again, I know I will have more giveaways. Love your blog!


kelly said...

psst...i have something for you on my blog!

Elena said...

This collaboration was the best thing this week! I'm so excited!
There's no H&M in Texas?

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