Tuesday, June 23, 2009

LoobaLee Private Beta

Participate to win prizes! Prizes are won by participation and random drawings. LoobaLee's private beta environment closes on July 15th. To request for a private code, click here.

How to win prizes by participation is as follows:

After registering, List Items for Sales and/or Make Purchases. This in turn, earns you points and determines your prize level. Levels are as stated below (taken from Loobalee's blog).
  • Register: 5 points
  • Sell: 1 point per listing
  • Buy: 1 point per $5 in purchases
  • Comment: Leave us a Testimonial comment on Facebook and earn 6 points

1-10 points: Win 1 Free month

11 – 20 points: Win 3 Free months

21 – 40 points: 3 Free months + $15 gift card

($15GC from Chasing Fireflies, Hanna Andersson, Baby Lulu, Pettiskirt Place, Ralph Lauren, Juvie Shop)

41 – 60 points: 1 Free Year + $25 gift card

61+ points: 1 Free year + $50 Gift Card

($25-50GC from Gymboree, Janie & Jack, Lilly Pulitzer, BabyGap/GapKids, crewcuts, LittleBoyChic.com, Tuttibella.com, TrendyTogs.com, plus all $25GCs)

Most Listings: 1 Free year + $150 Gift Card

Most Referrals:
1 Free year + $100 Gift Card. And, in the prize drawing one time for each referral

Grand Prize -
Most Overall Points: Evergreen listing + $250 Gift Card
Loobalee is pulling together more prizes, so be sure to check back on the blog!

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Suzanne Rielle said...

Hi Katrina!

Thank you for the post! Have you requested a code? I'd love for you and your readers to participate in our Private Beta.

Just a few more weeks remaining, but plenty of time to earn some great prizes.

Thx again - hope to see you there!

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