Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Spanish granny dubbed 'world's oldest blogger' dies

Maria Amelia Lopez began blogging 2 years ago after her grandson set up the blog for her 95th Birthday.
In one of her last postings in February she said: "When I'm on the Internet, I forget about my illness. The distraction is good for you -- being able to communicate with people. It wakes up the brain, and gives you great strength."
See her blog here. Aricle from CNN.

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Angie said...

What an interesting article. Thanks for posting.


Former pin-up girl Margaret Caldwell (102) who writes a weekly column for the Desert Valley Times, of Mesquite, Nevada, is the world's oldest columnist.

Randall Butisingh (96), a poet, writer and philosopher born in British Guiana (now Guyana) and living in Florida, is probably the world's oldest blogger. For details, see

Katrina V said...

Thank you for sharing and enlightening us!

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