Tuesday, June 23, 2009

David Bromstad looks handsome.

I'm taking a break with the Food Network to watch HDTV and just finished seeing an episode of Color Splash with David Bromstad. The first thing I notice from him is that he is physically fit! I guess that's what makes him look attractive, plus that he also know how to design and decorate homes! David is doing a great job because it is so hard to keep a balanced diet and figure (especially as we get older!). I am even beginning to see weight gain amongst my peers. It's not that our lifestyles are sedentary (because trust me, we are busy), but it's that we're not physically active enough. I thought he was mixed with Asian because of his eyes, but none of my searches pulled up anything about it. What do you guys think of David? You can visit his personal website or myspace.

I am also taking a Nutrition Class this summer for school requisites. I'll share some interesting finds here regarding my class!

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