Thursday, July 2, 2009

I've got some good news... and some bad news

I recently became addicted to blogging and have begun my full-blown immersion into the blogging world not to long ago. I began meeting other bloggers, joined social networks and actively participated in other bloggers' blog. I enjoyed myself reading other posts/reviews and entering their giveaways/contests. It was my outlet to pass some time. I know that time is a valuable thing and time wasted is not good, but in my situation, I had time to spare. I worked hard to raise my rankings in hopes of hosting my own giveaways/contests (with informed reviews =] hehehe) here while I continuously blogged about my life and what ever may catch my mind. I was excited that I slowly can see my hard work paying off!

But, off of my reflection and into the good news mixed with the bad news...

I have been accepted into the Licensed Vocational Nurse Program! I am ecstatic and eager to begin, but I know that my school plus clinical rotations and studying will consume much of time, effort and energy. I know this from first-hand experience because I previously was in the Associate Degree Nursing Program last year. My posts will decrease, but I will still be here. I will try to share my experience and interesting information from the program with you all. For my followers that I have gained, I thank you and stay tuned.

Additionally to the bad news, I lost my favorite Canon camera :( At first I was in denial and refused to accept that it will never turn up, but after a month of no trace... I'm never going to see it again. I currently am unemployed and have no money to spend on another (Canon) digital camera, but am devastated because photos are an important part of my life. I always carried my camera in my purse and everywhere I went. I believe that there may be moments needed to be captured and when the photo moment passes, you can never get them back. What am I to do readers? I guess I can try to win a camera with ya'lls giveaway/contest you are hosting, eh? :P Do any of you have a PR contact to review a Canon digital camera? I am completely sold on their products as they manufacture excellent products and produce high quality creations! See my other post where I talk about my Canon's like.

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